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Technology Matters

If you need advice on contract bases involving software informations systems then we can provide it. We can advise you on licensing or buying hardware and software, integrating new systems or getting support for old ones.

IT Contracts

Software systems have a shelf life

"After going through learning and refinements, it is always an arguable issue when it comes to matter of efficiency and effectiveness of the programs"

- Walt Scacchi Institute for Software Research

We have worked with a whole range of technology companies and users of technology from LSE listed companies to innovative start-up businesses that focus on e-commerce activities or the latest cloud computing solutions. Our consultants can advise you on the acquisition of new voice or data communication systems, or the replacing of old systems inhouse or outsource built.

Outsourcing Solutions

Whether its a public website for your business, an e-commerce website or an internal corporate system our offshoot IT consultancy firm can provide you with what you require. Please contact us for further details.

IT Security

You should be worried about the systems you buy and use. Our highly specialised technical department can help you asses and test the security of your systems. Please contact us for further details.